Member Benefits

The Value of PPOC Membership

Epson Inkjet printers

Member and master photographer John Mitchell from Cambridge, ON owns and operates John Michell Photography. John recently ran into some difficulties with an image, and with the help of his fellow PPOC members, he was able to complete a job on time. The fellowship of members across the nation is one of the strongest benefits to membership in the Professional Photographer's...

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Member Benefit: Inspiration

"Inspiration" is the name of the book published by Qlounge that features all of the 2011 Professional Photographer's of Canada print competition award winners, as well as all accepted and higher images. This book certainly provides what the title suggest! The book itself is incredibly beautiful with simple layouts that showcase the stunning imagery in this book. It is another benefit of...

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PPOC Copyright Chair - Brian Boyle, MPA SPA

Currently in Canada, the copyright law leaves a lot to be desired in protecting photographer's and other artistic works. The Professional Photographer's of Canada's Copyright Chair is currently working on having new copyright legislation introduced to the House of Commons. Master photographer Brian Boyle from Scarborough, ON has worked tirelessly on this position. The previous bill was shelved...

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PPOC Membership Benefits - Business Insurance

A benefit to membership in the Professional Photographer's of Canada is business insurance.

Members can purchase insurance coverage that is designed specifically with the professional photographer in mind. It includes coverage for equipment, computers, building, professional liability and legal assist. Covering your business contents through your home insurance is not recommended because...

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