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Merits: Easier to Earn than You Think.

Earning your merits falls into that “Givers Gain” efforts. You get so much more back than you provide in earning them.

In the process of earning them you make some great connections, learn more and grow more.

If you are new to the PPOC you might not have even heard of Merits. Merits along with Print Points is how your earn our association’s awards. You need a mixture of both to earn your...

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PPOC-AB Central Branch monthly photo contest Winner

March 2016 - “Animals on the Wild Side”
WINNER: Shelby Borys

The theme for the photo contest at the AB Central meeting in March was “Animals on the Wild Side” whereupon I chose to submit jelly-fish swimming in formation as my interpretation of this month’s challenge. In my visit to San Francisco a few years ago I found this shot at the Fisherman’s Wharf district on Pier 39’s “Aquarium of the...

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Finding Your Lens’s “Sweet Spot”?

You may have heard about a lenses sweet spot. Knowing this and acting on it, will improve your images. It is something that even some old pros have either forgotten or don’t think about. The Sweet Spot on your lens, what the heck is it in the first place?

There is a lot of science happening with your lenses. There is the expensive quest for the “fastest” lens, which is one with the lowest f-stop...

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Naturally Beautiful

PPOC-AB Central Branch Image Competition, February 2016 - “Naturally Beautiful” (Nature) - WINNER: David Grossklaus

The contest theme for February 2016 was Naturally Beautiful (Nature). I believe that this photo fits the theme due to the natural light effects directed on the snow. There is a stand of trees and bushes out of the frame on the left side that cast shadow and light at different...

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Built Beautiful

PPOC-AB Central Branch Image Competition, January 2016 - “Built Beautiful” (Architecture) - WINNER: Shelby Borys

“Built Beautiful” was our member-interpreted theme for the first Alberta-Central monthly PPOC photo contest of 2016 that opened my archives from July 2008 back to when I was a tourist in Rome and I captured this shot of the Colosseum before continuing on a greater tour of...

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The Uniqueness & Tricks of Long Exposures

Slow, very slow shutter speeds are vastly under used as a creative approach. Generally slow shutters speeds start at the half-second exposure. That is the speed that moving water starts to look milky, for example.

To do slow photography effectively you need to do a few things differently.

No matter how steady you think your hand holding ability is or how confidant you are...

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Lighting Sets The Mood

Without light there is nothing, A blank void, black hole image. Even with those exotic sensors. (Well except for that new Canon with the 1.5 million ISO) So naturally it is critical for us as photographers to have light. But we need to be picky. Any light will not work for all photographs. It has to be matched to the purpose of the image, your vision.

This is where the snapshot type image is...

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Alberta Central Branch - Winning image for 2015 Photo of the Year

Winning image for 2015 Photo of the Year By Gerry David

The contest theme I won 2015 Photographer of the Year for is “Unforgettable People.” This photo was taken at a seniors residence. I was taking photos as a favour to a friend of mine who worked there. My subject, Nick was 95, and still a spry, grumpy old guy who rubbed some people the wrong way, but he was a character, and his life was...

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2016 AB Central Branch Contest Themes

Jan - Built Beautiful (Architecture)
Feb - Naturally Beautiful (Nature)
Mar - Animals on the Wild Side
Apr - Sports Play of the Day
May - Panoramic Pieces
June - You Shot THAT with a Smartphone?
July - Most Memorable Destination
Aug - Stage Act
Sept - Airspace is the Place for…
Oct - Time of Transition
Nov - Winter in the World
Dec - Now THAT’S a party…

The rules for the digital monthly photo...

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Tricks To Photographing Christmas Lights

This time of year there are cool lights everywhere, inside and outside. Here are some guidelines to get great images of this festive lighting. Of course, you can use these techniques in any other season too.

Couple of things to do first; use a tripod. These will be longer exposures. Without something to stabilize your camera, the images will show up camera movement....

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